About ECPC

About ECPC

ECPC is a short for “Engineering Company for Petroleum Services & Contracting Which has been established as branch and daughter company form The main Company “EINS” which established by Prof.Dr. Eng-Yehya Shash since 1994 As a Professional Company in Field of:
General Maintenance Services
■ Material Supply, Fabrication, Erection & Painting
■ Metallic and Non-Metallic Construction Projects
■ Engineering Solutions
■ Equipment’s Supply & Repair
■ Hydro/Pneumatic Testing, Re-instatement, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning
■ Shutdown Activities
■ Quality Assurance / Control Services
■ Manpower Supply including Tools & PPE’s

Representative for:

■ CCMC – Consolidated Chemequip Corporation
■ Leak proof company
■ Dufline Industries

Our Policy

Our policy is to provide the highest level and quality of services available anywhere in parallel with our goal to complete and achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Vision

The vision of ECPC is to be recognized as a world-class solutions provider specializing in certified welding and fabrication, outfitting severe service, designing custom solutions, and partnering with other world-class Contractors.

Our Mission

Meeting the needs of the local market, firstly, and secondly, the "Arab region" in terms of a variety of commercial products, spare parts and maintenance engineering services.

Improving the efficiency of trade, services, and the quality of engineering and industrial consultations by controlling the application of international quality standards and specifications at competitive rates.

To Our Customers:

ECPC is committed to achieving the highest level of Customer Satisfaction by developing and providing solutions for their requirements, producing high quality products and services, delivering on time, and striving to improve continuously

To Our Employees:

ECPC is committed to Employee Satisfaction by providing a safe work environment, engaging the work force in challenging projects, providing high performing employees with good wages, benefits, training, and opportunities for growth. Somerset ECPC recognizes that the talent of the workforce drives the success of the company. 

To Our Stakeholders: 

ECPC is committed to Stakeholder Satisfaction by conducting business ethically, generating a good return on investment, and developing a skilled and technologically advanced workforce capable of growing the organization. 

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