Steel Structure

Steel Structure

Item Include the following:
Structural steel work in columns, beams, trusses, purlins, platforms, ladders, monorails, staircases, supports, strengthening of steel members, pipe clamp from strips etc. at site to line and level, including supply of shim plates & approved welding electrodes, including making templates, welding, bolting, erection bolting, splicing, etc. 

Supply Of Pipe Handrail As per Specifications:
- 1.1mtrs. Hight pipe hand rails in the newly erected staircase. The hand rail assembly consists of top rail of 1.5inch MS. pipe, the middle rails 1.25-inch pipe, vertical rail 1.5-inch pipe and bottom toe board of MS plate 100mm x 6mm thk. The thickness of hand rail pipes is 2mm.
- Height of railing 1050 mm. (Spacing of hand railing post not exceeding 1.25m) The second figure indicates the level of protection against falling water.

Supply, install FRB grating with the following specifications: 25mm thick, 40 x 40 mm square mesh, bearing bars run both directions, bearing bar thickness (top/bottom )7.0/5.0, bearing bar center 40mm, open area 67 %, approx. weight 12.3 ~ 13 kgs/m2, walking loads typically 2.4 ~ 3 kn/m2, rough surface slip resistance Install FRB gratings cut, arrange and fixing - full chemical resistance

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